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1 Builders tonne bag of dried seasoned firewood. checked with moisture meter before delivery, locally sourced firewood well seasoned split and ready for winter.

Builders Tonne Bag of Hard Wood Logs

SKU: 0001
  • Burning firewood is carbon neutral, a fact that is not widely known. How is this so? Well, like all plants a tree absorbs carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and will absorb as much carbon dioxide in its lifetime, as it releases during the burning process. What’s more this carbon would be released in any case if the tree was allowed to rot down naturally. So burn it, be green and do your bit for the environment!

  • Net carbon emissions are reduced compared to burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, so switching to wood fuel can reduce your carbon footprint significantly! Wood fuel is also cheaper than fossil fuels, thus saving you money

    Another advantage of burning firewood is that it will only benefit the wood industry and therefore will create and protect rural jobs – which is as important as it’s ever been given the recent troubled times of the economy.


    Provided woodlands are managed properly, wood fuel is a sustainable source of energy and will last forever.

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